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Instead of a link page I made a small PixelStamps site. Everyone who wants to be linked should make a pixel art stamp and if it meets the basic rules it will be added to the collection.

Currently there are 3 active themes (fantasy, sports and food) and 1 completed (characters). The best stamps will also appear on a featured stamps page.

Every link from PixelStamps site has a counter. So if your stamp is clickable it's price will grow. The price of the stamp depends on unique clicks on the stamp and unique clicks on the most popular stamp.

Here are 2 templates for the stamps:

- template1 (80x96 px.)
- template2 (160x96 px.)

You may choose any of the templates to base your stamp on; just ensure you are able to handle pixeling the larger template. Remember, quality is more important than quantity.

If you want to link back to this site please use this button:

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stamps collection

stamps collection
stamps collection

stamps collection

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